Commerical Contacts


Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC
2800 Post Oak Boulevard - Suite 900 (77056)
P.O. Box 1396
Houston, TX  77251-1396

The Commercial Operations Department is made up of four groups: Business Development, Customer Services, Transportation Services & 1Line, and Rates & Regulatory.


Responsible for identifying and developing pipeline and storage expansion projects and laterals on or near Transco to meet growing capacity needs of existing and new customers.  Monitors industry developments and prepares annual strategic plan.


Customer Services is comprised of the following groups: Customer Services - Northern, Southern and Production areas and Commercial Contract Management/System Support.

Customer Services: Northern, Southern and Production Areas

Responsible for working with Transco's customers - LDCs, power generators, operators, producers and marketers - to meet their gas transportation and storage requirements, in accordance with Transco's FERC Gas Tariff and policies and procedures. This includes providing ongoing support related to existing firm and interruptible services and capacity release as well as developing new services and negotiating interconnects (shippers).  Works with gas producers developing reserves both onshore and offshore, third party gatherers and pipelines to connect new gas supplies to the Transco system.

Commercial Contract Management and System Support

Responsible for negotiating liquid condensate, OBA, PIBA and Mutual Assist agreements.  Various other responsibilities including customer surveys, process improvement, and facility abandonments.


Transportation Services & 1Line is comprised of the following groups: Transportation Services-North, Transportation Services-South, Marketing Services Support and NAESB/Industry Standardization.

Transportation Services

Responsible for assuring that all of a customer's business from on-line contracting, nominating and scheduling of transportation and storage transactions, allocation of all gas volumes, imbalance resolution, billing, and invoicing is completed in a timely manner and in compliance with Transco's policies, procedures, and Transco's FERC Gas Tariff.

Scheduling Desk

Responsible for rapid response to customer's questions on pipeline conditions, constraints, OAC and confirmation issues with interconnecting parties or assistance with 1Line.

Northern Market Area

Southern Market Area

Marketing Services & System Project Support

Responsible for the design, development, regulatory compliance, testing and implementation of modifications of the 1Line proprietary system, Public EBB and EDI.  This includes providing ongoing support related to technical questions.  Responsible for improving the transactional processes to enhance customer satisfaction and comply with Transco's FERC Gas Tariff and policies and procedures.


Cost of Service-Rate Design

Responsible for Cost Allocation and Rate Design analysis and studies, various rate and tariff filings with the FERC including the cost allocation and rate design information related to Transco's Electric Power, TBO and Fuel Trackers. Also responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Rate Department data base.

Certificates & Tariffs

Responsible for preparing and submitting Transco and Pine Needle's tariff and certificate filings with the FERC.

Pipeline Control

Responsible for monitoring and controlling daily pipeline operations while managing the physical flow of gas on Transco's system. Provides 24-hour pipeline surveillance and functions as control and information center during emergency situations.

Measurement Analysis

Responsible for analysis and review of Transco's Electronic Flow Measurement System output and monitoring of system heating value.


The Compliance Officer will ensure compliance with the FERC Standards of Conduct.


Responsible for resolving all customer credit issues.


Date Posted: Friday, June 7, 2019